High-capacity battery storage system brAIn: Plastic manufacturing factory

Delivery point: Audia Plastics, Voderady

For the international supplier of thermoplastic resins, compounds and custom formulations for plastics production, we customized and installed our smart battery storage brAIn with a total capacity of 864 kWh. The battery solution fulfils its primary role – generating a financial effect from the well-timed battery charging and discharging, which ultimately reduces CO2 emissions and ensures a more sustainable facility operation. In the next step, Audia Plastics can extend the battery solution brAIn by smart technology regulation flexibility brAIn or by the rooftop photovoltaics, for which the factory building in Voderady offers ideal conditions and which is generally a great complement to brAIn storage.

As a customer of the energy supplier Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby, Audia Plastics obtained the battery brAIn completely free of charge under the Energy as a Service model. What is more, for providing the conditions for energy consumption regulation, it is entitled to receive a share of the generated financial effect, which increases after five years.

Customer's total costs: EUR 0

High-capacity battery storage system brAIn: Automotive factory

Delivery point: Yanfeng Slovakia Automotive Interior Systems, Námestovo

The battery storage is used for smart management of the electricity production and consumption at the delivery point. The Yanfeng manufacturing plant has annual electricity consumption of approximately 52 GWh, 24/7 operation, its own photovoltaic power plant, and does not encounter major power outages that would affect the production processes. The entire capacity of the battery storage is thus dedicated to the provision of ancillary services and partially also to cover micro-power outages. Thanks to our solution, the factory has significantly reduced its energy costs, including its carbon footprint, meanwhile, the payback period of the battery system brAIn was less than two years in Q2 2022.

Customer's total costs: EUR 0 under the Energy as a Service model.

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  • 432 kWh
  • 250 kWp

High-capacity battery storage system brAIn + PV system: Textile factory

Delivery point: Müller Textiles, Humenné

The Müller Textiles plant is an ideal candidate for battery storage. It operates non-stop 24/7, has a rooftop PV, and its annual electricity consumption of around 4.5 GWh is high enough for the installation of a high capacity brAIn system. Thanks to these parameters, the battery storage can be charged and discharged frequently and efficiently during the day, which translates into a fast payback of the investment into green technologies. Considering the Q2 2022 energy prices, the payback period is just over four years for storage and PV combined. Thanks to our smart solution (including flexibility brAIn for cooling systems - see separate reference), the textile plant has maximized the electricity generation from the PV system and achieved a carbon footprint reduction of up to 89%. In the phase two we have added second 432 kWh container battery storage brAIn with the new-generetion LiFePO4 batteries as the plant expands its PV system by another 500 kWp.

Customer's total costs: EUR 0 under the Energy as a Service model.

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  • 864 kWh
  • 499 kWp

High-capacity battery storage system brAIn + PV system: Refrigeration company

Delivery point: MRAZIARNE SERVIS, Prešov

The battery storage brAIn for the local refrigeration company MRAZIARNE SERVIS is our first exterior system with a capacity of 216 kWh. We installed it as a complement to the PV system and the whole solution will also soon be extended by the flexibility brAIn for freezers and compressors. As the building is located in a flood area, we placed the battery storage on a 1.5 m metal platform. What benefits did the refrigeration company gain?
- proven reduction in CO2 emissions,
- maximized use of green energy,
- percentage share of total achieved savings, and its increase after the end of the contract,
- partial coverage of micro-outages,
- 100-percent tolerance of electricity deviations,
- trouble-free project preparation, approvals, and paperwork,
- prevention of reserved capacity overrun,
- the automated electricity plans generated by our software.

Customer's total costs: EUR 0 under the Energy as a Service model.

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  • 216 kWh
  • 400 kWp