Year 2023 was packed with accomplishments. How did we do?

The year 2023 has come to an end, so the time has come to look back at all the past events, milestones achieved, and recall all the wonderful experiences.

  • Published: 04. 01. 2024
  • Written by: Fuergy

We are particularly pleased that the interest in our solutions is growing at a rocket pace. All the more we can help companies save on energy costs, which goes hand in hand with sustainability and green goals.

Since we at FUERGY also like to recap at the end of the year, we bring you a selection of the best that we managed in 2023.


A 16 million investment in the company

Right at the beginning of 2023, FUERGY found itself on the pages of the prestigious Forbes magazine. Rising energy prices have caused companies to become interested in ways to save energy costs, as well as investors in suitable solutions.

Our smart battery storage brAIn piqued the interest of Pro Partners Holding, which provided FUERGY with an investment of 16 million euros.

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We became a member of the Czech AKU-BAT association and announced expansion into the Czech Republic and neighboring countries

In the AKU-BAT association, which brings together the most important entities active in the field of energy storage in the Czech Republic, FUERGY simply could not be absent. Not that Slovakia is small to us. On the contrary, our mission here is just beginning.

However, the neighboring Czech Republic is very similar to the Slovak market and we would be remiss to ignore the opportunity to find out as much as possible about its inner workings. So why not get advice from the biggest local players? In return, we are happy to share our experience in the field of the battery storage systems. The next planned stop is neighboring Poland.

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We supported the 10th annual Girl's Day

The event took place under the auspices of the association Aj Ty v IT, which is actively involved in organizing workshops for girls and women from all over Slovakia, with the aim of stimulating interest in the world of IT. This year's theme was: "We are coming back to you - directly to companies". And so girls who are considering studying in the IT field were welcomed to the FUERGY premises in Žilina, right in the seat of our R&D and IT.

We believe that we provided a wealth of inspiration and that one day, some of these young women will become successful coders, testers or IT project managers.

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We organized a Trend business breakfast for companies considering green technologies

In cooperation with TREND, we prepared a business breakfast on the topic Subsidies for Green Technologies - The future of Medium and Large Enterprises. Together with experts, we addressed topics such as the right choice of solar panels and battery storage, and what to look out for when buying and installing them.

We also focused on subsidies for green technologies, along with instructions and advice on how to become a successful applicant. The interest in this topic was huge, as is evidenced by the full hall.

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We met the students from Žilina at the IT market place 2023

The Faculty of Management and Informatics of the University of Žilina became the venue for the IT Marketplace event. It was intended for all students who are interested in practice or employment in the sector. As it was held at the very epicenter of our R&D and IT, and bringing a large number of smart IT students and graduates, you know we were there!

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We have successfully installed a brAIn storage for Eissmann Automotive Slovakia, a production company in Holíč...

The Eismann company in Holíč has an annual electricity consumption of approximately 5.5 gigawatt hours. It produces interior accessories for the automotive industry, employing more than a thousand people in the region. In the first step of its energy optimization, Eissmann Automotive Slovensko installed a brAIn storage, which was financed by the energy supplier Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby as part of the Smart brAIn battery storage as a service model.

After an energy audit and the analysis of the electricity consumption diagram, we proposed a brAIn battery storage with a capacity of 432 kWh, installed in an exterior container. The whole process from design to installation took only 6 months

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... also for the Ilava company Hanon Systems Slovakia...

The global company Hanon is one of the world's three largest manufacturers of components for the automotive industry and has the ambition to become carbon neutral by 2040. Its Ilava branch is now contributing to the fulfillment of this goal thanks to solar panels for operational leasing in combination with a brAIn smart battery storage for rent.

Hanon Systems Slovakia received immediate cash-flow positivity, free battery storage from its energy supplier, an annual financial reward, huge CO2 savings and zero worries thanks to the Energy as a Service model.

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… and for the Martin shopping center OC Galéria too

The owners of OC Galéria move with the times and are not afraid to innovate. They realized that the shopping center needs to provide its tenants with attractive leases, and the tenants, on the other hand, are looking to attract a clientele that cares about, among other things, sustainability. These reasons are why they decided on the brAIn smart battery storage solution as a service from their electricity supplier, which saves them on energy costs and helps the environment as well.

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We became the third company in Slovakia with its own ASDR terminal

An ASDR terminal is an automated dispatch control system that can also be used for battery storage. It is an essential communication interface in the provision of ancillary services which we developed on our own mosAIc software platform. FUERGY became only the third company in Slovakia to offer an ASDR terminal, thus expanding our portfolio of products and services and strengthening our position as the leader in full service energy solutions.

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Bratislava Tower 115 is also being modernized with FUERGY

After 17 years, the building called Tower 115 underwent a wholescale energy modernization in the form of the installation of a smart battery storage brAIn with a capacity of 432 kWh. Here too, the storage was financed by the electricity supplier Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby. In addition to reducing its carbon footprint by 35%, in the first two months of using the brAIn storage, Tower 115 also received an annual financial bonus from its supplier for the ability to regulate energy consumption. Another bonus was zero worries about installation and storage care.

The year 2023 was unforgettable for us

What to add in conclusion? Probably just the fact that 2023 was a huge adventure for us. However, we like adventures, so we are already looking forward to what awaits us in the new year. But one thing is certain: we are going full throttle again and continuing our journey for a better energy future**. Come along with us!

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