We are the third company in Slovakia with our own ADCS terminal

Thermal power plants, energy producers and energy equipment operators, pay attention! At FUERGY we now have our own ADCS terminal, which we can also use for our battery storage systems brAIn. Do you want to know what makes our terminal different and special? Then read on...

  • Published: 12. 10. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

To continue to build smart energy solutions and streamline outdated processes, we also need to continuously improve and expand our portfolio of products and services. This has recently grown to include our own ADCS terminal.

What is an ADCS terminal?

The acronym ADCS stands for Automated Dispatch Control System. It is a control and information system for energy devices that are centrally managed by the transmission system operator (hereafter referred to as TSO) dispatch centre. Such devices are located on site at consumers or producers of electricity and could be generators in heating plants, diesel generators, compressors, fans or other technologies with the potential for regulation, such as battery storage systems.

How does it work in practice?

The TSO constantly monitors what is happening in the power grid. As soon as a surplus or shortage of electricity is detected, the certified ancillary services are activated via the ADCS terminal. This is done automatically without waiting for someone to turn on or off the energy devices, which is why the ADCS terminal must be as reliable as possible.

Certified ancillary services must always be available under any circumstances. Providers are rewarded not only for the electricity provided, but also for availability. If the TSO detects any problem with the energy devices, either during the waiting time or during the actual activation of the devices, the ancillary service provider is penalised.

How is the ADCS terminal different from FUERGY?

The ADCS terminal is always tailored to the specifics of each customer's equipment, though it typically regulates only a few energy devices. Our ADCS terminal can regulate dozens of different energy devices. Each device is connected to the terminal individually, which allows their individual planning and activation.

We developed the terminal on our own mosAIc platform, so it is fully compatible with other FUERGY solutions, such as the brAIn smart battery storage.

A big shift for FUERGY and the energy sector

Until now, our solutions have only worked on the level of so-called non-certified ancillary services, or had to be communicated to third-party ADCS terminals. With our own terminal, however, we are now able to completely cover certified ancillary services, via our brAIn smart battery storage or energy devices. We can also deploy these solutions faster, easier and for lower overall costs.

We have officially become a new player in the ADCS terminal market, which until now has only been offered by two companies. This was mainly due to a long-term freeze on building new power sources. However, the advent of battery storage systems certified for ancillary services may soon change a lot. With our know-how and now our own ADCS terminal, we are ready for all future challenges. Do you want to be there? Keep following us!

We are living in the future of energy. Are you?

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