How companies can save thousands of euros and reduce emissions when switching electricity supplier?

Time is running out to switch your electricity supplier! With only a few days left, you can also significantly improve your company’s financial performance and reduce its environmental impact. Thanks to one simple measure, you will also be able to save thousands of euros and hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

  • Published: 24. 11. 2023
  • Written by: Fuergy

According to the legislation, firms can change electricity suppliers for next year by 10 December 2023 at the latest. The deadline is particularly important for companies with contracts in force until the end of 2023 that do not have individually agreed termination terms with their supplier as offers from new suppliers should be received by this date.

The supplier, as a purchaser of electricity

Before the energy crisis, long-term contracts with fixed prices were the norm, but now most companies buy short-term electricity, on the so-called spot market, where the price of electricity fluctuates according to current demand. This change in the way electricity is purchased means that firms are no longer tied to suppliers through pre-negotiated electricity prices for longer periods, but can purchase the same electricity at the same price and with a similar margin from almost any reliable supplier.

Companies can save with smart energy services

Switching suppliers is a relatively quick and easy process, and there is a lot of competition for business between suppliers. Modern suppliers are therefore expanding their portfolios to now include smart energy services such as battery storage, flexibility or community energy. The reason is clear - to offer customers greater added value and better options to optimise costs and carbon footprint as well.

So when switching or choosing a new supplier, companies should not focus only on price quotes, but should choose a supplier that also offers smart technologies and services.

Which suppliers support smart energy?

Our solutions are based on the provision of non-certified ancillary services, which individual companies can provide to the power grid through their electricity supplier and receive a portion of the profit generated for helping the power grid. However, not all suppliers offer such options today. As a result, our smart solutions are only available to customers of our partner electricity suppliers.

Technologies and services with potential

We live in a time of rapid change. Without the right solutions, most companies find it difficult to adapt to changing conditions. However, with proper regulation of energy consumption and production, companies can save thousands of euros without any impact on their operations.

  • Smart battery storage brAIn: Helps companies not only reduce energy consumption from the power grid, but also actively monetizes energy usage by providing ancillary services for the power grid. When combined with solar panels, the brAIn increases utilisation of the green energy produced.
  • Flexibility brAIn: This service is also about providing ancillary services to the power grid. Intelligent software regulates the consumption of energy-intensive technologies according to the current needs of the power grid, and gives machines and appliances a new purpose that earns companies money.
  • Energy sharing and energy communities: multiple buildings can be connected to one common large-scale battery storage or use multiple smaller smart battery storage systems that are connected virtually or physically and controlled as a single unit.

What to think about when changing suppliers?

When switching suppliers, it is crucial to compare multiple offers from different providers, require transparent contract terms, company references, long-term market stability and the energy mix of sources from which the supplier buys electricity. It is also worth checking whether the supplier has prepared an offer that suits your needs and, most importantly, whether they can work with smart technologies. In particular, companies should not wait until the last minute, as suppliers need time to process offers and conclude contracts.

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