If a sharing economy works with cars and renting properties, then why not with energy?

At FUERGY, we see the future of energy as a shift from conventional electricity consumers to innovative green power prosumers who produce, consume and share energy effectively. We provide AI-powered solutions that are connected, secure and predictive, while leaving a smaller footprint on the world.


Create energy communities and share your produced energy!

Physical microgrid

is a local energy community in which several brAIn users are connected together to leverage the accumulative capacities of their home batteries and local energy sources.

Virtual microgrid

is a community of users who are virtually connected regardless of the distance through the existing power grids and enjoy all the benefits of a physical microgrid to achieve greater energy efficiency.


is a solution for isolated delivery points, which are not connected to the power grid. Even in this case it is possible to ensure effective usage of renewable energy by installing brAIn by FUERGY.

Energy for Smart cities

Synergism means combining different elements in a way that allows us to achieve greater effects.

The concept of a Smart city also searches for synergies between various sectors such as transport, infrastructure, security, building management and, of course, energy. Using a complex data platform, Smart city aims to provide a higher quality of life and a sustainable environment for its citizens while preserving resources and reducing costs.

FUERGY solutions are a great fit!

Our technology supports a two-way flow of electricity and data which is typical for the so-called Smart grid – an integral part of the Smart city concept. We can therefore manage areas related to energy such as energy production and consumption, energy storage, e-mobility or even energy-intensive technologies. Our proprietary software collects data from the Control units, various devices or sensors, compares them with other available data, autonomously makes decisions and instructs the technologies to produce, consume or store energy.

What is more, FUERGY engages the citizens and makes them active participants of the Smart city for the well-being of the whole community.

  • Easier integration of renewables
  • Efficient energy production and consumption
  • Higher energy self-sufficiency
  • Zero-emissions transportation
  • Protection against power outages
  • Lower energy costs for everyone