Smart battery storage solution

  • Lower
    utility bills
  • Improved green
    energy production
  • Non-stop protection
    against power outages
  • Energy

Smart battery storage system brAIn does more than just store your excess solar energy or night electricity!

brAIn analyzes a wide range of historical, online data as well as AI-powered forecasts, based on which it autonomously releases the stored electricity for direct consumption or charges the batteries using the electricity from local PV system/electricity from the power grid – whichever is more suitable for achieving better results.

Analyzed data:

  • Available storage capacity
  • Your energy consumption patterns
  • Weather forecast
  • Local green electricity production
  • Electricity prices
  • Power grid status
  • Electricity supplier's load deviations
  • Other online data & AI predictions

IoT functionality – Flexibility

brAIn by FUERGY manages the consumption of energy-intensive technologies such as heating or air conditioning devices, diesel generators or manufacturing appliances while reaching the maximum financial savings and maintaining customer’s overall comfort.

flexibility brAIn is available as an individual service.

Smart Charger

brAIn by FUERGY accessory

  • Use your EV battery even while not driving
  • Extend the capacity of your brAIn by EV battery
  • Reach even higher savings
  • Discover Vehicle-to-grid functionality
  • Charge your EV with locally produced green energy

In cooperation with Sminn, Smart charger is a specially modified charging station for plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles or their combination, compatible with brAIn by FUERGY solution.

flexibility brAIn

Cost optimization without batteries

flexibility brAIn is a software solution that automatically manages energy sources and energy-intensive technologies with the potential for accumulation and regulation, according to the situation in the power grid, electricity supplier's load deviations, and the energy behavior of the delivery point.

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