AI-powered surplus energy trading

FUERGY is the unique AI-powered device that utilizes blockchain to help users optimize consumption, maximize efficiency and participate in the energy market. We make renewables an effective and affordable solution for everyone.

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Consume less, share smarter

FUERGY wants to achieve the point when even the smallest consumer will be able to benefit from the opportunities that large participants already have and where green energy producers will be rewarded.

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Your home, your energy

With the FUERGY Device, everyone can power not just their own home, but also the neighborhood they live in, providing energy for their close ones, schools, hospitals and so on. Every consumer of energy is our potential customer, including those who already utilize renewable energy, as well as those who plan to begin producing green power.

FUERGY is the new energy ecosystem

Virtual Microgrids

FUERGY Device owners can create a virtual community with other users, regardless of distance, to achieve simultaneous energy balance thanks to the AI-powered automatic energy trading.

Physical Microgrids

Build your own local community, connecting several FUERGY Devices together leveraging the accumulative capacities of home batteries to create synchronized and self-sufficient physical microgrids.


The installation of FUERGY Equipment in an off-grid setting is possible, as all of these resources can be effectively managed by FUERGY Company. In this case, the system focuses on the precise optimization of consumption and the most efficient use of power and battery capacity, without sacrificing the user’s comfort.



FUERGY Device connects your home battery and renewable energy generator with the FUERGY Ecosystem. It allows you to share the generated energy on our blockchain-powered market with each device considered as an individual blockchain network node.

Key points

Lower energy cost

FUERGY optimizes the user’s electric energy consumption while also automatically trading away surplus energy, reducing your electricity bill and potentially getting rewarded in the long run.

Support of renewables

FUERGY is a highly scalable project, with a device that is designed for all traditional sources of renewable energy and most legal environments around the world.

Use of network

By operating on existing distribution and transmission networks, there is no need to build additional electrical equipment. The goal is to consume the electricity on the same network where it was produced.

Environmental protection

By incentivizing the production of green energy and bringing stability to grids powered by renewables, we are leading the world into mass adoption of ecological energy solutions.

Trustless marketplace

All transactions are automatically recorded on the blockchain’s decentralized ledger. Energy is traded transparently and securely via blockchain.

Energy communities

FUERGY users can set up their own virtual energy community, saving money by synchronizing the electric energy sharing and consumption of all devices within it.

Automatic trading

The AI-powered software identifies the most suitable trading algorithm by analyzing feeds such as weather, energy prices, the owner’s behavior as well as the behavior of nearby FUERGY Devices.

Vehicle to Grid

FUERGY will improve the capabilities of currently existing grids, preparing them for the sudden surges in demand that will come once electric vehicles become widespread.

Meet our team

Radoslav Stompf

Co-founder & CEO

Radoslav has more than twenty years of experience in developing control and optimization systems for the energy industry. He was a senior application consultant for IPESOFT, a leading provider of comprehensive IT solutions for energy and industrial companies in Central Europe. In 2014, he co-founded Smarten, where he secured energy optimization for large clients in figures of ten million or more EUR annually. Radoslav is now looking to utilize his professional experience to help shape the future of the global energy market.

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Branislav Safarik

Co-founder & COO/CFO

Branislav has a background in innovation and business development that includes 5 years in Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank, a specialized banking institution founded by the Ministry of Finance, and 3 years as the General Director of the Slovak Business Agency, a joint initiative of the EU together with the Government of the Slovak Republic promoting SMEs. Branislav has a great deal of experience in helping new ideas succeed in competitive markets. He also spent a fair amount of time in the US networking with San Francisco’s venture and innovation scene. He has worked closely with startups and disruptive businesses, supported applied research, and participated in the policy formulation in the number of private and public positions including the European Commission’s SME Envoy for Slovakia.

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Rastislav Kuba

Co-founder & CTO

Rastislav spent over 23 years working for a company which focused on energy backup systems. He developed DC control systems for telecommunication power supplies and also alternating current control systems for cogeneration units and gensets. In the future, he wants to remain involved in making renewable energy work for households, creating a system that can utilize green energy to the fullest extent, with the goal of helping preserve our planet for the next generation.

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Vladimir Miskovsky

Co-founder & CMO

Vladimir began working in marketing while in high school as a freelancer. By the time he was 18, he founded his first company where he handled everything: development, programming, management, and even financial accounting. This would later materialize into a full-service advertising studio for local clients. This was back in 2005 when he was still figuring out his place in marketing. At university, he studied visual advertisement with marketing. Later, he studied economics and law. Along with IT, this formed the base knowledge he uses daily in his work. In 2011, he became immersed in the startup environment where he initially worked as a marketing consultant, but would later actively engage in business activities and advise on marketing strategies. This pivoted him towards the blockchain industry and into new projects based on this technology, later leading to a discussion Vladimir had with the other founders about energy and blockchain that resulted in the conception of FUERGY.

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Tomas Demcak

Co-founder & CCO

Since finishing school in 2004, Tomas has been involved in the development of software. He held an important role in developing software which is still being used by prominent Slovak energy companies (Slovnaft, Elgas, SE as). While working at IPESOFT Tomas met Radoslav Stompf. They continued to work together at Elgas, where Tomas was in charge of a department that planned the purchase of electric energy on a day-to-day basis for the Slovak, Hungarian and Czech internal markets. After 3 years at the company, they founded SmartEn, offering advisory and optimization services to corporate clients from the energy industry. He now uses the experience from software development and the energy industry at various stages of FUERGY’s development.

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Branislav Kopun

Co-founder & CIO

Branislav has spent over 17 years developing IT solutions for the energy sector. Since 2014, he has been the senior architect of Smarten, leading the design of applications for a variety of clients in the energy industry. Branislav has experience in managing teams of employees, particularly in the development of software and in mentoring. In recent years, he has taken an active interest in blockchain and looks towards its utilization in the energy sector.

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Tibor Tarabek

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Tibor is a business leader who is experienced in project realization and management. He was the founder of Microsoft’s subsidiary in Slovakia and served as its General Manager for 5 years. Tibor later served as the vice president of sales and marketing for ESET, the globally-renowned IT security company. In 2009, he founded Zaraguza Digital, an award winning digital marketing agency. Since 2012, he has worked as a project and marketing manager in the IT sector, later focusing on blockchain’s utilization in business. He was the chief information technology officer for the successful blockchain project DECENT and he was co-founder and an advisor for SophiaTX, a recently crowdfunded B2B blockchain platform.

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Tomas Bozek

Head of Software Development

For 12 years and counting, Tomas has been working in the field of IT. He initially developed software for energy trading and MES/SCADA applications for industrial clients in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. From 2014, he worked in customer support for the SELT system and also created new MES/Scada applications in Reliance, a system made by GeoVap. He enjoys working in IT for its dynamism, namely, the constant stream of new inputs and the challenges they provide for developers.

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Miroslav Kelemen

Head of Application Development

Since his university studies, Miroslav worked in the field of IT. He began his career at IPESOFT, where he was an application programmer for SCADA systems as well as control and bilancy systems for customers from the energy sector. He later assumed the position of a consultant and architect in creating a control system for virtual AES blocks. He lists the development of control systems for fiber melting for Johns Meanville (Trnava), the development of a billing system for the Czech energy company RWE and the upgrade of the SEPS support services quality evaluation as his greatest professional achievements, and he hopes to see FUERGY join this list in the near future.

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Tomas Koprusak

Project Manager

Tomas has been working in IT for the past 12 years. He began as a freelance programmer and worked on several separate projects for various companies and individuals. During the time he began working in IBM as a web developer, later on, he was promoted to a leading position on web projects. After IBM he worked as a performance marketer for Sygic where he later accepted the position of a product manager for OpenStreetMap navigation. During his time with Sygic, he became interested in crypto and when he was offered a position with DECENT, he immediately accepted. At DECENT, he led the ICO for ALAX and after its successful completion, he continued working on the product, focusing on the streaming of content via the DECENT blockchain.

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David Martinec

Project Manager

David studied his master’s degree in Innovation, knowledge and entrepreneurial dynamics at Aalborg University. At university, he was taught through Problem Based Learning - issues and solutions for real-world companies. The focus on innovation would be key in his move towards blockchain. He began working at DECENT from the very start of the company and was a project manager on SophiaTX and ALAX. He sees blockchain as a revolutionary technology that can bring a range of new possibilities in existing businesses, which is why he sees his future in this industry.

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Sandra Wantrubova

Marketing Manager

Sandra really enjoys helping projects that have just formed their identity and market strategy. Her first full-time job was in a fashion e-commerce company where she worked as a social media specialist. Soon after she found an opportunity that changed her life when she joined DECENT when the company had just 7 employees. Through this position, she experienced the various stages of company development from marketing strategy creation, successful token sale organization, software development and testing to the actual blockchain launch. More recently, Sandra has been involved as an advisor in multiple blockchain related projects such as SophiaTX, Biotron, and FUERGY.

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Zuzana Puchy

PR Manager

Right after concluding her university studies, she was employed in PDG, a private healthcare company. Later on, she would oversee marketing, HR, project management and a number of other items that upper management relegated to her team. After 3 years, she was acquired by DECENT where she accepted the position of a PR manager. Since 2017, she has taken a professional interest in blockchain as she saw how it changed entire industries on a daily basis. Since then, she has worked on two successful blockchain projects (SophiaTX and ALAX) which have raised over $ 28 million in token sales.

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Kamil Lovas

Finance Manager

Originally, Kamil wanted to become an airline pilot, but luckily for us, his eyesight wasn't good enough and instead he decided to get a degree in accounting and finance at the London School of Economics. Although he is a newcomer to the world of the blockchain, Kamil has experience in developing small and medium enterprises. He also worked as a consultant for EY, providing valuation and business modeling services to large companies.

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Igor Lukacik

Hardware Developer

Igor has 24 years of experience working in the energy industry, in particular with backup power supplies. For over 22 years, he worked in Elteco, where he led the customer solutions department for 6 years. Among his most notable professional is his work on creating backup power supplies for the entire Trans-Siberian railway and Gazprom. He also designed backup power systems for Russian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Slovak and Czech telecommunication, energy and transportation companies. He looks forward to developing better solutions for energy storage in households.

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Jan Kadak

Firmware Developer & Programmer

Although Jan studied machinery at college, his interest has shifted towards firmware design. He has worked for 10 years developing hardware and firmware solutions as an employee of ELTECO, EVPU, and Tesla. Jan looks forward to working as a designer in the energy industry, be it hardware, firmware, measuring units or control systems.

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Miriam Jarabicova

PCB Developer

Since finishing a degree in telecommunication technology in 1999, Miriam applied her electrotechnical knowledge from her studies into a career focused on hardware development. She has spent 16 years designing printed circuit boards. Currently, alongside work, she is a 3rd year PhD. student with a focus on power electronics, at the University of Zilina faculty of mechatronics and electronics.

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Jan Valica

Firmware Developer & Programmer

He has several decades worth of experience in developing hardware and firmware solutions that contribute value towards large systems. Jan worked in Elteco, where he helped to develop algorithms and also developed and installed modules for the collection and transfer of data from energy backup monitoring systems. This system is commonly installed and used in large energy, telecommunication, and transport companies.

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Jozef Janacik

Software Development Engineer

Jozef’s interest in IT was sparked all the way back in elementary school. When he was 14, he and a friend developed an educational program that taught computer typing. During university, he worked for Monogram, where he was a web developer. At the same time he was developing and programming microcontroller (AVR, ARM, ColdFire). Since 2011, he began to focus on the ADA programming language. For Smarten, Jozef used C++ to develop a telemetric system for data collection from electrometers.

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Tomas Gajdosik

Software Developer

Tomas has worked in IT for the past 8 years. For his bachelor’s thesis, he developed an iOS-based mobile application for a cinema network. Since 2013 he worked in KBS development developing IS in LAMP stack and custom-made mobile apps. Since early 2018, he began working in the energy industry with SmartEn. Tomáš lists data mining, AI, mobile app development (iOS) and blockchain as his main interests.

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Vladimir Hablak

Database Analyst

Vladimir chose to study and later work in IT because he saw it as an industry that could potentially change everything. After he gained basic knowledge at university, he began applying it initially in IPESOFT and later at SmartEn. Vladimir has worked in this industry for the past 7 years. During this time, he worked on a number of interesting projects, the most notable being the development of an automated control system for MVE.

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Peter Hornak

Web Application Developer

Fascinated by computers since an early age, Peter was always drawn to modern technology. Peter has been employed in IT since he finished his college studies in 2007. For the past year, he has worked as a developer in the energy industry. Prior to that he worked in Softec where he designed and programmed various IT projects for banks and the Slovak government.

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Adam Bella

Architect of Information Systems

Adam began his career in IT as a programmer in IPESOFT, at the time still being enrolled at the ​university. Here he worked on multiple integrations for the D2000 System as well as developing a framework in Enterprise Java. In 2016, he began work at Pantheon Technologies as a software engineer, where he had the opportunity to work on the development and control of various information systems. Asides from work, Adam devotes his time to system administration and various project based on open source solutions such as Raspberry Pi, micropython boards and so on.

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Peter Vrtiak

Web Application Developer

IT has always been at the center of Peter’s interests. He began programming while in high school and later pursued this in his university studies. He has been working in the energy industry for one year. Prior to that, he worked at Transdata where he developed an application for editing transportation schedules and graphic editing of connections.

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Tibor Hutka

IT Specialist

Tibor’s passion for IT started during his studies of Management Information Systems and it has never ceased to grow. He commenced his career of IT specialist in 1994. Since then, Tibor has acquired a vast experience with a wide range of IT systems. He worked as a database administrator (Oracle server, MariaDB), administrator for various OSs (vSphere, Windows, Linux), as well as an administrator for backup & restore solutions such as Acronix, Nakivo, and Unitrends.

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Peter Bernat

Application Support

Since he was a teenager, Peter viewed IT as both an interest and a professional career. He has worked with both hardware and software, namely, designing and implementing MES systems for the automobile industry, developing car electronics and even winning the 1998 CES in Las Vegas in the category of best car amplifier system. More recently, he developed iTAC MES systems for Johnson Controls. He is looking forward to finally working for a business of his own, utilizing his rich experience with both hardware and software for the development of FUERGY.

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Dana Sustekova

Energy Optimization Expert

Dana has been working in the energy industry for the past two years. She finds its constantly changing rules as a stimulating feature that allows businesses to improve in a variety of ways. In her past, she led a marketing company that focused on marketing products and also worked in the banking industry, both of which taught her how to communicate in business. She is a social person and enjoys interacting with co-workers and customers alike.

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Robert Seidl

Energy Optimization Expert

Studied security management at the University of Žilina. He has been working in the energy industry for the past year, initially at Smarten and currently he is an energy optimization expert at FUERGY. Robert uses his knowledge from statistics, analysis, and management in his everyday work. He has a vision of bringing FUERGY devices into every household that desires an energy solution that is efficient and green.

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Juraj Karovic

UI & UX Designer

On the day he turned 18, he founded his own graphic design studio that specializes in digital marketing, brand management, and website design. Juraj is a highly talented graphic designer who has worked with prestigious clients such as Maserati, BMW, and various local celebrities.

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Alexander Mravcak

Web Developer

Alex is an experienced full-stack web developer who is also a blockchain enthusiast and has followed Bitcoin since 2011 and has invested in crypto from 2013 onwards. He now leads Vizio, a small web development studio that helps a range of different clients achieve their various needs. As a web developer, Alex works on entire projects from start to finish: designing the IA, UX and then realizing his vision. He has worked for clients such as Generali, Billa, and Novartis, as well as writing technology-focused articles for Profit and Týždeň.

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Michael Watzke

Web Developer

Michael has over 15 years of experience in website development. His IT career started when he was 11 with DTP, later he moved to webdesign and with ambition to create own projects he learned programming. Since than he has worked for clients such as ESET, Orange, Porsche, Slovnaft and many others. He can deliver pixel perfect design to code experience with his own touch of perfection and sense for UX.

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Veronika Pilzova

Digital Marketing Specialist

Veronika has worked in the blockchain industry since May 2017. Her first job was at DECENT where she initially worked part-time and later assumed a full-time position as a social media manager on the SophiaTX project. She later worked on ALAX where she received new responsibilities such as creating global social networks and directing local social media managers.

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Martin Hassler

Digital Marketing Specialist

After finishing his studies at the Thomas G. Masaryk University in Brno, Martin became involved with DECENT in the position of a social media manager. He would later become part of a TGE team that worked on more successful projects such as SophiaTX and ALAX, where he assisted in their promotion, communication with the community, helping participants solve their problems and thus secured the smoothest operation of the TGE and the token distribution.

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Eva Almasiova

Content Marketing Specialist

Eva began her blockchain career at DECENT, which she joined at a time when ALAX was beginning to take shape and she immediately began assisting with its development as a community manager. She looks forward to continuing in this field and working on a project that will make green energy cleaner and more accessible to the masses. Before she began working with blockchain, Eva worked as a project and financial controller for a marketing exporter.

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Natalia Hudcovicova

Community Manager

Natalia began her career in blockchain in May 2017, when she began work for DECENT in a customer support role. She was involved with the SophiaTX project and would later work as a community manager for Before that, she worked in event marketing and as a web content for a company that produced solar PV systems, which is where she became more familiar with the technology.

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Jan Slobodnik

Business Developer

Jan completed a Bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of London, then worked for one year in digital advertising. He returned to school to get a Master’s degree at the University of Buckingham. Jan began working as a writer in education, journalism and digital marketing to support himself during college. After finishing his studies, he continued working in this field, constantly expanding his scope of interests and gradually being drawn to the utilization of cutting edge technologies for businesses. For the past year, he has done contractual and advisory work for Bethereum, Promobay and a number of other blockchain projects.

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Alena Stankova

Graphic Designer

Alena began focusing on graphic design while still in high school, deciding to study visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. After finishing her studies she began working in graphic design, mostly in studios in her native Slovakia and later in the UK, where she currently resides and works as a contractor. Her past clients include Moleskine, Botas, Natura Siberica, Sodexo and Boiron.

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Jozef Kyselica

Graphic Designer

A supremely talented graphic designer who has worked with clients such as McDonald's, Fiat, J&T Bank, and Lidl. Jozef’s specialty is product design and creating impactful visual identities for upcoming brands. Previously, he worked at Slovakia's largest advertising agency Wiktor Leo Burnett. He has a number of awards under his belt, most notably, his art direction won 3rd place at the 2016 Cannes Young Lions competition.

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Julia Korcokova

Copywriting and Translations

Julia studied translation of Russian and English language at university. During her college years, she began working as an English language lector in two language schools. Currently, she works in event management, organizing conferences for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the US. In her free time, Julia translates into and from English.

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Klaudia Klbikova

Back Office Manager

Klaudia joins FUERGY after several years spent at the marketing department of Omnia KLF, where she was tasked with creating corporate documentation for management, fulfilled marketing tasks, collaborated on the organization of conferences, and had other important duties. Prior to that, she worked at the trade department of ITW Automotive, with her tasks including purchases and logistics. Klaudia enjoys new challenges and is eager to prove herself in the new environment of energy and IT.

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Chris Burry

Key Advisor

Chris is a member of US MAC’s management team. Prior to that, he was a founding member of Avanade, a joint venture between Microsoft and Andersen Consulting. Founded in 2000, Avanade has grown to 9,500 global employees and annual revenues of over $850 million, with offices in 22 countries and projects in 30. Prior to Avanade, Chris was a senior executive at Andersen Consulting and a senior technology consultant at EDS. In these roles, he oversaw numerous large-scale projects for clients in the energy, financial services, healthcare and government sectors.

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Ken Singer

Key Advisor

Ken is a serial entrepreneur, technology executive, university lecturer, and director/advisor to numerous startups in the US and Europe. A 14-year veteran of the mobile industry, Ken created solutions spanning all forms of mobile technology and has founded or co-founded five companies in the mobility space. Ken was the co-founder and CEO of AppCentral, the first enterprise app store to let companies distribute mobile applications to their employees’ iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Ken successfully led the company through difficult market conditions and several rounds of venture financing.

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Andrej Tonkovic

Financial Advisory

Andrej received a degree in Finance from the University of Westminster, then began work as a product account manager at the structured finance department of Tatrabanka. He currently works as an investment manager at Quadrica Private Equity. Andrej is also a member of Slovak Development Fund’s board and provides corporate advisory services in a field of financial intermediation for Slovak and foreign large corporations for a variety of projects, including renewables.

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Peter Varga

Legal Advisory

Peter worked for 5 years at the Bratislava office of the international law firm 大成 Dentons, where he focused mainly on cross-border funding and international tax law. For a while, he also worked at the Warsaw branch of 大成 Dentons focusing on international tax structures and the historic second cross-border IPO with a Slovak issuer. Peter is the founder and CEO of CARPATHIAN Group, where he specializes in setting up financial and legal structures for Slovak and foreign clients.

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Tomas Demo

Legal Advisory

Tomas started his career at the Prague branch of BBH, one of the most renowned Czech law firms that operates internationally. After leaving the Czech Republic, Tomas worked for 5 years at the Bratislava branch of the international law firm Allen & Overy, where he dealt in particular with cross-border M&A transactions, court proceedings, arbitration, real estate and corporate law. In the course of his practice, Tomáš provided legal advice on the project of completion of units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant and represented a foreign energy company in the sale of its majority stake in a Slovak power plant.

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Katarina Zemlova

Legal & Energy Advisory

Since university, Katarina has focused on the convergence of energy and law in Europe. Her Master’s thesis focused on power purchase agreements vs. EU liberalization and after she finished her studies in 2013 she began working at Kinstellar, where, among other items, she advised on structuring of major vertically integrated utility company in Slovakia after implementation of 3rd energy package into Slovak legislation and participated in the negotiations of a complex shareholders’ agreement between major EU energy company and the Slovak State. Following almost eight years of experience in an international law firm and having gained substantial experience working for major players in the energy sector, she is now keen to utilize and further develop her industry-specific knowledge for Fuergy.

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Tomas Dopita

Legal Advisory

During law school he interned as a paralegal for Kvasňovský & Partners, a renown law firm that won Slovak company of the year in the category labor law in 2017 and 2018. After receiving his degree, he began working there full-time as a lawyer trainee. He is proficient in English as a result of his childhood attendance of a private bilingual school. Among his interests, he lists cryptography, travel and IT.

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Michal Duzek

Technology Advisory

With over a decade spent on the cutting edge of information technologies, Michal’s main strength lies in leading challenging projects to their full potential. He is an experienced full stack developer who oversees projects from the ​idea stage to launch: building the development team, supervising their work, eliminating scalability issues, ensuring security and polishing.

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Our goal is to build an ecosystem that will consist of an unlimited number of nodes — market participants. An ecosystem where electricity will be produced and consumed more efficiently, where there will be no need to build new distribution grids because it will become easier and more effective to use existing ones.

Q2 2018
  • FUERGY Group established
  • Algorithm (AI) development
  • Finalizing the HW of FUERGY Home and Business
Q3 2018
  • FUERGY Web App development
  • FUERGY SW platform v1.0 development and pilot project
Q4 2018
  • FUERGY SW platform v2.0 development
  • Production of brAIn prototype
  • Proof of Concept
Q1 2019
  • FUERGY SW platform v2.0
  • FUERGY Web App release
  • Proof of Work
Q2 2019
  • FUERGY SW platform v2.0 testing
  • Mass production and sale of FUERGY Business
  • Production of FUERGY Home prototype
  • First blockchain transaction
Q3 2019
  • FUERGY SW platform v2.0 - pilot project
  • FUERGY Charger version - pilot project
  • Mass production and sale of FUERGY Home
Q4 2019
  • SW platform v2.0 - for all customers
  • Automatic update - SW platform v2.0
  • Blockchain-powered market LIVE

Frequently asked questions

FUERGY is an entirely new energy ecosystem. Its unique AI-powered devices utilize blockchain to help users optimize consumption, maximize efficiency and receive benefits for their participation in the energy market. We make renewable energy an effective and affordable solution for everyone.
FUERGY is focusing on several problems and challenges that have arisen from the adoption of new technologies in the energy sector such as renewable sources of energy, energy storage, and electromobility. You can find detailed descriptions of all problems and solutions in dedicated chapters of our Whitepaper.
Blockchain will serve in the transaction layer of the FUERGY Energy Ecosystem. All transactions between FUERGY Devices (FGY tokens, electricity transfers, etc.) will be secured and encrypted within the system, making transfers much faster and more cost-efficient than the current system.
At first, FUERGY will use an ERC-20 token-compatible blockchain. This will allow for subsequent testing of hardware functionality of devices in prototype mode (MVP) and the pre-serial phases. To ensure the fastest expansion of the FUERGY System, the company will consider replacing the ERC-20 blockchain (Ethereum) with a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) or Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus blockchain that uses only negligible amounts of electrical power compared to the Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain platforms, and at the same time fulfils the high speed demands of the energy market.
The dividend structure affects FUERGY Security Token holders only. A share from the transaction fees in FUERGY Energy Ecosystems is distributed (in FGY) to the FUERGY Security Token holders. They also have voting rights in FUERGY Cooperation and are entitled to receive dividend payment (in EUR currency) depending on company profitability.
Participation in our FUERGY STO is for whitelisted investors who meet SEC Reg S for non-US investors and SEC Reg. 506 (b) for US investors. The complete conditions of participation in the Security Token Offering (STO) will be sent to all successful whitelisted investors.
Any entity connected to the power grid can become a member of the FUERGY Energy Ecosystem. If the entity already owns a green electricity source (e.g. PV) with battery storage, then they only need to purchase the FUERGY AI Control Unit in order to join the Energy Ecosystem. If the entity doesn’t own such a green power source or battery storage yet, it can be purchased from FUERGY in one of our packages. There is no need to build any new physical connections (e.g. cables) because FUERGY uses an existing power grid.
There are several ways that you can get involved in the FUERGY Project. If you meet all legal requirements, you can participate in the FUERGY STO (Security Token Offering) and help speed up the expansion of the FUERGY Ecosystem into all relevant markets. If you are not eligible to participate in the STO, you can still support FUERGY by following us on our social networks and helping to spread the word about us. In case you are a representative of a business operating in the renewable energy source/battery sector, and your company would like to become a certified B2B partner of FUERGY, please contact us at
FUERGY has its own hardware device which contains AI-powered software to ensure hardware compatibility and both parts have been developed by our team for maximum security. Our AI-powered software component takes care of trading and energy optimization while our hardware creates a bridge between your home battery, your green energy source and the grid. Our R&D team has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) unit which automatically trades your electric energy based on recognized patterns of supply and demand of the grid.
Our solution is designed to operate on existing distribution grids within all deregulated and most regulated markets around the world.

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