Glossary of energy terms: Part III

06. 06. 2023 Written by: Martina Palkova

Are you new to energy? Did you come across a term for which you could not find an explanation, or do you just want to broaden your horizons? Then check out our energy glossary…

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FUERGY solutions dominate the Slovak market and now head abroad

18. 04. 2023 Written by: Martina Palkova

FUERGY is a Slovak technology company offering fully automated solutions for more efficient management of electricity production and consumption. Among its flagship products d…

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Excited to announce a €16 million investment in our battery systems brAIn

23. 01. 2023 Written by: Eva Almasiova

We are pleased to announce receiving €16 million in funding from Pro Partners Holding investment group, which will turn our smart battery storage brAIn by FUERGY into a new gr…

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