Slovenské elektrárne purchased 3,24 MWh of battery storage systems brAIn

As you might know, one joint project with the electricity supplier Slovenské elektrárne – energetické služby is already behind us, so to speak. The installation of battery storage brAIn together with rooftop photovoltaics in Humenné has been a big success and since its launch, it has been achieving excellent results. Through this installation, the supplier Slovenské elektrárne – energetické služby could have seen the effectiveness of our technology for himself which made him decide to invest in it on a larger scale.

  • 10. 03. 2022
  • Written by: Eva Almasiova

The purchased volume won't be installed as one mega-storage system. The total capacity of 3.24 MWh will be split into several smaller battery storage systems, which will be gradually installed at unregulated customers of Slovenské elektrárne who have expressed an interest in leasing the battery storage, and eventually also PV, through the Energy as a Service offer. Just as in Humenné, the energy storage systems will be responsible for optimizing customer's electricity consumption and production, as well as regulating fluctuations in the power grid.

Considering that to date FUERGY has installed two large-capacity and several smaller storage facilities with a total capacity of approximately 1.6 MWh, this is indeed a major investment. In fact, FUERGY is the sole private company in Slovakia that has managed to successfully connect and operate large-capacity battery storage with attractive returns on investments.

A green business opportunity for electricity suppliers

With rising energy prices and pressure to reduce carbon footprints, the demand from companies for green energy solutions keeps growing. As our CEO, Radoslav Štompf, told in the article for, one of the most common barriers to installing green technologies is their high purchase price.

This problem can be solved by financing these technologies through a third party, as in this case by the supplier Slovenské elektrárne – energetické služby under the Energy as a Service model. In practice, this means that the supplier buys the green technologies, FUERGY takes care of the installation of the storage and management of all connected technologies, and the customer pays only a monthly fee for their use and does not need to worry about anything else.

FUERGY dashboard

Smart management with benefits for everyone

Managing energy storage and PV not only according to the needs of the customer but also according to the needs of the power grid and the electricity supplier's trading system brings a number of benefits, including significant cost savings. The financial effect arises at the level of energy supply and gradually repays the upfront investment. From the perspective of the investor, this represents a new way of investing in sustainable technologies. From the perspective of the supplier, Slovenské elektrárne – energetické služby is able to offer innovative products and services that bring immediate positive cash flow.

There is a great demand for green technologies on a lease. Customers simply want to be relieved of all the costs and worries associated with their purchase and management. This demand will soon be reflected on a national scale in the form of a higher share of renewable energy sources in Slovakia's energy mix.

However, the transition to green energy seems impossible without the implementation of energy storage technologies. The fact that energy storage will become the new standard in the energy market is underlined by the initiative of the Slovak Ministry of Economy, which wants to reach up to 68 MW of storage capacity by 2026.

We at FUERGY are ready to deliver these technologies and to lay the foundations for modern energy. With strong partners like Slovenské elektrárne – energetické služby, we can make this change faster and to a larger extent. Stay updated about our progress! Follow us on our social media or subscribe to our newsletter.

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