Embraco Slovakia reduces their carbon footprint thanks to an innovative brAIn by FUERGY storage

In cooperation with the energy supplier Slovenské elektrárne – energetické služby, s.r.o., we put into operation our second largest project in Slovakia – a smart battery storage brAIn by FUERGY with a capacity of 1,296 kWh in the Embraco Slovakia s.r.o. area in Spišská Nová Ves. This installation not only effectively optimizes energy consumption and reduces costs, but also contributes to reducing the total carbon footprint and is part of Embraco's long-term strategy to achieve a more sustainable energy economy.

  • Published: 03. 06. 2024
  • Written by: Fuergy

Embraco Slovakia as part of the Nidec corporation is a multinational company specializing in the production of hermetic compressors for refrigeration.

In 26 years of operation in Slovakia, Embraco Slovakia has become a key manufacturing plant in Europe. It has received several certificates and awards in the field of quality, environment, occupational safety and management of hazardous substances, including international standards ISO and OHSAS.

Embraco focuses on the efficiency, reliability and energy efficiency of its products. In doing so, the company places a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability in its business. Therefore, it can be said that the implementation of battery storage is a logical step on the way to fulfilling these goals.

Installing battery storage

The process of installing the brAIn smart battery storage on the Embraco site went smoothly, thanks to which the device was put into operation only 4 months after the beginning of collaboration.

As a first step, we did an energy analysis of the operation, in which we looked at the electricity consumption diagram, as well as the reserved capacity and the maximum reserved capacity. To manage annual electricity consumption of 131,500 MWh, we designed a two-container with a capacity of 1,296 kWh, making this project our largest outdoor container solution. The largest interior solution at the moment remains the brAIn smart battery storage installed in the Banská Bystrica industrial park.

After the energy analysis, we carried out an inspection of the installation site, which led to the decision to place the storage outside, right next to the transformer station and electricity meter. As the container is located in a place of increased movement of vehicles near the storage area, we have erected barriers around the storage site to prevent any possible accidents.

For the storage, as usual we used LiFePO₄ batteries from Pylontech with a 15-year service life, which meet the strictest safety and fire protection standards. Compared to some other types of lithium-ion batteries also used in stationary energy storage systems, LiFePO₄ batteries have a lower energy density. They are therefore much more stable and reliable, with a longer service life, while still providing high performance.

The role of battery storage

The task of the brAIn smart battery storage in Embraco is to regulate electricity consumption at the delivery point in order to generate a financial effect from the provision of non-certified ancillary services, and thus reduce total energy costs and carbon footprint of the delivery point.

The project was financed and installed in cooperation with the energy supplier Slovenské elektrárne – energetické služby s.r.o. (SEES) within the Energy as a Service model with zero investment costs on the customer side. Thanks to this program, Embraco was not burdened with paperwork and permits, everything was taken care of by SEES.

FUERGY, as the only full-service energy technology company in Slovakia, provides the entire process of battery storage implementation, from energy analysis through installation to service and maintenance.

Future plans

Our cooperation with Embraco does not end with the installation of smart battery storage. We will continue to manage the storage and we will also take care of its maintenance and service.

"The company's employees are highly funded with great technical expertise in the field of energy. The whole event was well coordinated and, on our part, I can express great satisfaction to all parties involved. We communicated all the technical information to each other and I must say that the activities were also carried out by the provider, i.e. Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby, as well as the implementer FUERGY on a professional level," said Juraj Šuhajda, manager of the utilities and buildings at Embraco Slovakia.

At the same time, Embraco Slovakia has expressed interest in further cooperation with Slovenské elektrárne - elektrárenské služby and FUERGY – they are already considering the brAIn flexibility service for energy-intensive technologies such as compressors, HVAC and chillers (together with an input of 4.2 W), thanks to which they can achieve even lower energy costs as well as a reduction in CO₂ emissions.

In the near future, the company also plans to launch solar panels, which, in combination with the smart battery storage brAIn, will allow them to efficiently use green electricity, become more energy independent and significantly increase carbon emission savings.


Are you interested in this project? Then do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made solution for you, with which you will save not only your costs but also emissions.

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