FUERGY Control Unit – gateway to smart energy

The FUERGY Control Unit is a special piece of hardware that turns battery storages, energy sources and appliances into smart devices capable of not only doing their “job” but also helping the power grid...

  • 22. 04. 2021
  • Written by: Eva Almasiova

The FUERGY Control Unit (CU) is a special piece of hardware that turns battery storages, energy sources and appliances into smart devices capable of not only doing their “job” but also helping the power grid.

The CU serves as a communication interface between the software and the hardware. The hardware might be any technology connected to the grid that can consume or produce energy, such as a battery with an inverter (as part of every smart battery storage brAIn), solar panel, HVAC systems, electric vehicle chargers, or more.

Installed FUERGY Control Unit

How does the CU work?

The software developed by FUERGY monitors the energy consumption of the delivery point. Based on the historical and online data, the implemented artificial intelligence creates the patterns of its behavior. It then compares them with the delivery point’s current consumption and other external data, for which the artificial intelligence also adds a hand to the work and generates predictions, such as the situation in the transmission system (whether there is a surplus of energy or energy shortage), the weather forecast or the development of prices in the energy market. Based on these inputs, the software makes autonomous decisions and gives instructions to the CU.

According to the instructions, the CU charges and discharges the battery, or switches the appliances on and off so they produce or consume electricity in line with the needs of the power grid, and at the same time, they do not affect the comfort of the user. This small device, therefore, ensures that the individual outputs from the software also take place physically.

Example of an office building:
It's an unexpectedly sunny day on the weekend and solar panels produce more energy than the power grid needs. FUERGY software indicates the requirement to withdraw energy from the grid and instructs the CU to charge the battery with excess energy and turn on the air conditioning along with electric heating while not surpassing the pre-set temperature of 24°C. As the office building is according to its behavioral pattern empty over the weekend, the FUERGY software assumes that the running HVAC systems do not disturb anyone, and at the same time, they help to stabilize the power grid.

Use case - Office building

Smart grid as part of Smart city

Individual CUs can be virtually interconnected and create the so-called smart grid. Just like the smart city, smart grid analyzes the received "Big data" and searches for synergies. Having a perfect overview of what is happening in the grid as well as outside of it allows us to increase the degree of automation, optimize energy production and consumption, or boost electromobility. This results, among other things, in preventing power grid overload, lower costs for transmission system operators, distribution system operators and energy suppliers, and ultimately cheaper energy for end consumers.

Compatible with the latest technologies

What makes the CU a “device of the future” is its compatibility with any kind of device that consumes or produces electricity. Therefore, new technologies will not present a problem. On the contrary. With the arrival of new, more efficient technologies, the smart grid improves too. The integration of renewable energy sources may not be a problem either, as energy is managed in a complex manner. And it doesn't matter if it's a small rooftop PV or a large wind or solar farm. Everyone benefits from the smart grid.

Tech behind FUERGY Control Unit

The CU consists of hardware built on ARM 32 bit architecture with an extension composed of a μQseven module with 64 bit Intel® Atom™ and implemented software. CU can be updated or controlled remotely through a cloud server.

FUERGY Power Merger

A FUERGY Power Merger is installed together with the CU. It is a hardware device allowing the parallel connection of three independent DC power sources without them influencing each other. Power merger ensures the operational continuity of connected technologies even in case of malfunction of one of the power sources.

Both devices are specially developed by FUERGY's hardware team in order to meet the high requirements of our energy management and they are crucial for reaching the desired results.

We are living in the future of energy. Are you?

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